Enhance vision system (EVS)

Avoiding in-flight collisions and making approaches safe are major issues for civilian or military helicopter operators. Safran Electronics & Defense enhanced vision solutions satisfy these concerns. They ensure you have excellent observation of the immediate surroundings.

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Wide-angle sensors to improve pilots' vision

Enhance vision system (EVS)

During their missions, helicopters have to fly in poor weather conditions and in the dark. Safran Electronics & Defenses optronic equipment and systems reinforce pilots' vision to make flights safer. Among its solutions, Safran offers wide-angle sensors that optimize peripheral vision. Safran also offers the LUKEOS multi-sensor system with infrared sensors. Its field of observation is greater by around one hundred degrees, perfectly satisfying the see and avoid function. When visual contact is poor, the EVS (Enhanced Vision System) from Safran proves its reliability in terms of enhanced vision. This high-sensitivity infrared vision module offers helicopter pilots a high-quality video image of the immediate surroundings.


The various Safran Electronics & Defense onboard optronics systems are characterized by:

  • high-quality optics
  • High-performance thermal imagers
  • very effective stabilization
  • advanced processing delivering extremely accurate images
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