Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)

Don't choose between carrying your mission and piloting your helicopter: with the trailblazer vision system you got it all!

The combination of Safran latest optronics sensors – EUROFLIRTM  410 and EUROFL'EYETM – will guide you through any condition and allow you fast menace detection & engagement to accomplish your mission.


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EUROFL’EYE: Disruptive piloting aid sensor for ultra-wide observation

Trailblazer vision system

EUROFL'EYETM provides increased environment perception, day & night and in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE) thanks to its Distributed Aperture Sensors. Safran offers shared and independent vision of the immediate surroundings between all crew members for flight safety enhancement.

Its unique architecture offers the possibility to get simultaneously EUROFL'EYETM Distributed Aperture Sensors for flight safety enhancement and EUROFLIRTM 410 Electro-Optical System for ultra-long-range observation and precision targeting..


The various Safran Electronics & Defense onboard optronics systems are characterized by:

  • high-quality optics
  • High-performance thermal imagers
  • very effective stabilization
  • advanced processing delivering extremely accurate images
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