Airborne Optronics

As a specialist in gyrostabilized optronics for helicopters, Safran Electronics & Defense offers high-performance equipment for search, location, identification and target designation at a safe, discreet distance and for pilot assistance. The Safran optronics equipment and systems contribute to the success of your surveillance, rescue or combat missions in even the harshest conditions.

With optical quality, accuracy, reliability and high-performance image processing, Safran Electronics & Defense airborne optronics systems support your surveillance and combat missions. Designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions, they include a full range of services, from design, maintenance and training through to support.

  • Euroflir gyrostabilized electro-optic pods, equipped with latest-generation thermal cameras, HD daytime cameras, multi-spectral spotting scope and laser sensors allow for all types of security operations: land or sea surveillance, patrols, rescue, weapons guidance, etc.
  • The firing sights for helicopters developed by Safran adapt to your specific needs and are compatible with a wide variety of weapons used on the new generation of aircraft.
  • The wide-angle sensors and enhanced vision systems (EVS) used in the Safran optronics solutions satisfy all your requirements to improve flight safety for aircraft: anti-collision, flying in poor-visibility conditions both day and night.

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