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Whether for piloting, navigation, onboard information, engine control, landing, braking, or aircraft maintenance, Safran Electronics & Defense offers a wide range of innovative, high-performance solutions. Thanks to its expertise in the fields of avionics and inertial navigation, pilots benefit from assistance, versatility and precision with the highest levels of security.

Safran Electronics & Defense offers a comprehensive range of systems and equipment for civil aircraft that provide the essential aeronautical functions: flight controls, piloting, navigation, onboard information, engine control, calibration, braking, landing, monitoring and maintenance. Featured in many of the latest aircraft, these innovative systems contribute to piloting comfort, flight safety and aircraft performance.

Beyond essential aeronautical functions, Safran develops high-performance solutions for monitoring onboard equipment and fleet maintenance and management, based on its expertise in the field of flight data management. These systems allow you to optimize aircraft service lifetimes and their maintenance costs, and reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Highly attuned to their clients' satisfaction, Safran is at your disposal to install, maintain and repair its equipment, and train its users, anywhere in the world.

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New-generation active side stick unit

Safran's new active side stick unit for civil aircraft and helicopters incorporates a number of patented innovations. It features high reliability, a robust design that stands up to all types of contingencies, and an optimized architecture allowing real-time regulation of load laws. Both pilot-copilot coordination and the management of stressful situations are greatly facilitated, thanks to the stick shaker and fine synchronization of side stick units.

The active side stick unit was extensively tested with input from seasoned pilots, to ensure flight safety and also support crew training.

  • 11,000
    actuators produced each year
  • 250,000
    flight data analyzed by Cassiopée per year
  • 160
    airlines use Cassiopée flight data analysis services
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