Nacelle solutions

During landing, rapidly slowing down an aircraft is essential to both safety and cost-effectiveness. With the E-TRAS (Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System), Safran Electronics & Defense provides you with an efficient, reliable and high-performing electrical control system for the thrust reverser.

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The E-TRAS electric propulsion thrust reverser

Nacelle solutions

The thrust reverser has proven essential for complete aircraft brake efficiency, especially on short runways or in poor weather conditions. In conjunction with Safran Nacelles and NexCelle (joint venture with General Electric), Safran Electronics & Defense provides a thrust reverser system that is opened and closed electrically. By reducing the landing distance, this counter thrust, applied in the aircraft's nacelle, participates directly in the safety of the device and its occupants.

The thrust reverser also lowers operating costs, in particular by reducing wear on tires and brakes. By reducing the landing distance by approximately 25% on a dry runway and up to 50% on an icy or wet runway, the thrust reverser reduces time on the runway and leads to notable fuel savings. The equipment offered by Safran is adapted for airliners, regional transport planes and business aircraft.


The E-TRAS electrical propulsion thrust reverser is set apart by its easy maintenance, and absence of leaks and problems with flow in very cold temperatures. Here are its main components:

  • 4 electronic modules:
    • TICB: interconnection
    • TCB: control (with MDC module)
    • TIB: inverter
    • TRB: rectifier
  • Power components:
    • 1 autotransformer
    • Two induction coils
    • 2 PLR (Power Load Resistors)
  • Main functionalities of the operating system (OS):
    • TRCU start-up and initialization
    • TRCU BIT and reports to the AS
    • Planning of the OS and AS processes
    • Software loading
    • Hardware drivers and packaging for the AS.
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