Checking the brake temperature and the tire pressure is crucial to guaranteeing safety during taxiing, landing and take-off. Safran Electronics & Defense's system allows reliable, precise measurements of these parameters in real time. 

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A monitoring system entirely dedicated to aircraft

Landing and braking system solutions

To ensure the specific aspects of brake and tire monitoring in aircraft are better taken into account, Safran Electronics & Defense has developed a dedicated monitoring system. This new solution is based on digital transmission, unlike first-generation systems that used analog transmission of the sensor signal. Although this necessitates a specific operation, this procedure simplifies wheel maintenance. This procedure will soon make it possible to detect some wheel electronics or transmission line failures with greater precision. These can cause undetectable corruption of the physical parameter transmitted.


The technical characteristics which differentiate Safran's aeronautical brake and tire monitoring from monitoring adapted for the automotive sector are:

  • the field of measurement from 0 to 250 psi (Pound-force per Square Inch)
  • the operating temperature: -55°C ~ 175°C
  • LF transmission by inductive coupling
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