WEFA: Wireless Extension For ACMS

Being part of the Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) suite, the Wireless Extension for ACMS (WEFA) enables the transfer of flight data from the aircraft to the ground station through a secure 3G+ connection, making sure that critical data are sent on time.

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WEFA: Enabling a closer loop between aircraft and airline

Wireless Extension For ACMS

How WEFA works

WEFA is composed of the WEFA station (ground software application) and WEFA card (Smart PCMCIA Card). While the aircraft is flying, data collected by the ACMS (Aircraft Condition Monitoring System) are stored in the WEFA card. As soon as the aircraft is on the ground, communication initializes between the WEFA card and the WEFA station installed on the airline server, through a 3G+ connection, using available mobile network.

Collect your aircraft data with no effort

The huge benefit of WEFA is to allow a continuous and fully automated recovery of aircraft data without human manipulation, reducing costs, delays, and risks of data loss. Aircraft data is available right after landing, enabling pilot's air safety reports investigation right away, while allowing a data recovery rate of 100 %.

  • Plug & play in existing ACMS unit
    WEFA card replaces existing PCMCIA card
  • No extra weight
    No additional equipment
  • Fast wireless transfer of all types of flight data
    All flight data (QAR, DAR, SAR and reports) transferred in a few minutes through 3G+


  • Boeing 737 NG Family
  • Airbus A320 and A320neo family
  • ATR42 and ATR72 200/300 and 500 series
  • ATR42 and ATR72 600 series 
Technical specifications

WEFA card key features

  • Embedded 2 Gb CompactFlash
  • Accessible SIM card slot
  • USB connector for easy access to computer (initialize, monitor activity, access aircraft data)
  • LEDs for diagnostics
  • 3G+ wireless module

WEFA station key features

  • Easy configuration of WEFA card transfer policy
  • WEFA card and SIM management
  • Monitoring of WEFA fleet activity with automatic notification in case of any issue
  • Direct access to latest transferred data 
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