Analysis Ground Station (AGS)

Ensuring flight safety and reducing operating costs are crucial challenges for aircraft manufacturers and airlines. With AGS (Analysis Ground Station), Safran Electronics & Defense offers a flight data analysis and processing system whose excellent performance and features are optimal responses to all your needs. 

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AGS, flight data analysis improving safety and facilitating maintenance

Analysis Ground Station (AGS)

Fuel consumption rate, brake or landing gear wear, taxiing time on taxiways, etc.: AGS measures and analyzes large volumes of data. Around 160 operators have achieved significant gains by using this solution, notably in terms of fuel economy. AGS also enables them to anticipate technical incidents and detect high-risk situations. To help you maximize the performance benefits of this innovative solution, Safran will provide you with both roll-out and operational support. Safran rounds out its offer by providing training, programming and tailored assistance services as well as a community of fellow users. 


Product description

AGS includes all the tools needed to carry out accurate tests:

  • 3 types of analysis:
    • automatic
    • statistic
    • manual
  • Generation of predefined or customized reports:
    • automatic editing, publishing and export in various formats (HTML, XLS, PDF)
    • in the form of tables, curves, graphics or visual representations
  • Integral 3D module
  • interfaces with Safety Management System
  • uses award-winning technologies from NASA
  • assistance and support:
    • training courses
    • programming services
    • AGS community: a new platform for exchanges between all ACMS users
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