Aircraft Information Systems (AIS)

Safran Electronics & Defense, a specialist in flight data management for over 60 years, puts its expertise to use in avionics and onboard electronics to design information systems intended for next-generation aircraft, like Airbus A380. As a pioneer in aircraft maintenance monitoring, Safran also offers innovative services and solutions for airlines and operators.

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Onboard information systems: A380


Aware of the critical advantages that optimized flight data processing can offer, aircraft manufacturers sought to develop new computer architectures for their new-generation aircraft. Safran, a leading specialist in aeronautic data acquisition and secure information systems, was chosen to meet the challenge of secure processing of nearly a million parameters for the most advanced aircraft in this field, Airbus A380. 


The architecture selected for A380 is based on a system of networked, "real-time" servers and routers, combined with a central acquisition of parameters and secure digital communications. Although open to the world, via digital radio links, the whole onboard system is designed to be highly secure, both from the point of view of computer security and operational availability, thanks to its redundant architecture.

The Airbus A380 information system collects, centralizes and compiles all the data related to the flight on a single system and provides external communication means, data calculation and storage capacities. This modular, central system also hosts applications unique to Airbus and airline companies, that deal with the actual operation of the plane all the way through to the services offered to passengers, for example, onboard electronic documentation, navigation diagrams, performance calculations, flight logs, etc. The information system is made up of four components that operate in a highly integrated way.

The Network Server System (NSS) is the system's backbone. One part of the NSS is highly secured, with a high confidence level, and strictly devoted to the avionics field. Another part, containing information and documents related to flight operations, is connected to the outside world (in-flight entertainment system and wireless connections, etc.).

The Secure Communication Interface (SCI), a unique technology patented by Safran, is a link between the world of avionics and the open world. As a basic component for the whole network's security, it guarantees the security of information exchanged between the IFE and the avionics systems, as well as the security of the ground-to-air and air-to-ground exchanges.

Designed specifically for A380, the Central Data Acquisition Module (CDAM) is a maintenance monitoring system capable of recording and analyzing up to a million parameters. It can generate over a hundred different maintenance reports concerning the maintenance condition of the aircraft and any possible technical failures.

Operators can program and configure the CDAM based on their needs, but also decode and display the reports generated onboard using associated tools such as the Ground Programming Tool (GPT) and Ground Reading Tool (GRT).

A380 is also equipped with a Data Loading and Configuration System (DLCS), application software for downloading and managing the configuration of onboard computer software.

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