Aircraft Condition Monitoring System (ACMS)

Essential for creating reports for airworthiness authorities, onboard data are also used to improve aircraft performance and optimize their service lifetimes. The distinctive feature of the Aircraft Condition Monitoring Systems (ACMS) developed by Safran Electronics & Defense is that they collect a wide range of data. As such, ACMSs allows you to monitor and control the status of the onboard systems and equipment, as well as variations to the flight conditions and to the operation of the equipment. ACMSs are fully customizable and can be programmed to anticipate aircraft system failure risks. Now available in a Wireless version, the units made for Airbus and Boeing can transmit flight data via 3G.

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Dedicated to the B737 family, the ED49 DFDAMU is a brand new generation of aircraft condition monitoring system (ACMS). Highly reconfigurable, the ED49 meets the aircraft operators and MROs' needs. In addition to all the mandatory flight data acquisition, the ACMS provides troubleshooting for system fault conditions such as electrical power, pitot heater, pneumatic system, engine trim failures, or programmation of any CFM56 services around fuel saving and prediction of unscheduled maintenance. Fully exchangeable with previous ED47 unit, the ED49 can be used either as original equipment or mid-life upgrade of any Boeing 737 family's ACMS. Safran Electronics & Defense has just certified in STC (supplement type certificate) the wireless version of the ED49, called ACMS WR (Wefa Ready), which allows the data transmission in 3G.

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