The reliability and effectiveness of flight control systems are major concerns for aircraft manufacturers and airlines. With its line of dedicated APIRS (Aircraft Piloting Inertial Reference System) sensors, Safran Electronics & Defense ensures you experience high levels of performance and accuracy.

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High performance sensors for flight control systems

Flight Control Systems

APIRS unit sensors are the first links in the integrated flight control system chain. It is of paramount importance that the data they transmit to the autopilot computer are both accurate and exhaustive. Safran offers APIRSs equipped with fiber-optic gyros (FOGs) to gather these data which are needed to calculate the flight control movements and thereby ensure the aircraft remains under control. The sensors collect aircraft positioning data in three planes: heading, roll, and pitch. Safran's F207 and F227 APIRS combine reliability, easy installation and automatic in-flight calibration to meet the exacting needs of the regional aviation industry. 


The Safran range of sensors:

  • LEAU (Large Env. Accelerometer Unit)
  • RGU (Rate Gyro Unit)
  • FMU (FOG Inertial Measurement Units)
  • AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System)

Safran APIRS:

  • APIRS F207

                    AHRU + RMM coupled with a flux valve

                    ARINC 429 digital I/O

                    Discrete I/O

  • APIRS F227 (+ TSO C3d)

                  AHRU + RMM coupled with a flux valve

                  ASCB-A or ARINC 429 digital I/O

                        Discrete I/O

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