Electric flight control actuation systems

Safran Electronics & Defense has developed recognized expertise in electromechanical actuation of flight controls. From linear and rotary actuators to more complex models, these systems perfectly address both civil and military aircraft requirements. 

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Technology that combines reliability and performance

THSA - Airbus A350

Electromechanical actuators (EMA) help improve flight safety, pilot comfort and even maintainability because of integrated monitoring capability. This technology has largely proven its mettle. It combines high performance and reliability, while also reducing system weight and size. Safran Electronics & Defense develops and produces actuators for various airplane flight control and related systems, especially electric thrust reverser actuation systems (eTRAS®), high-lift devices and the horizontal stabilizer trim actuator (HSTA), as well as various utility actuators and actuation for helicopters.

Horizontal stabilizer trim actuator (HSTA)

The horizontal stabilizer trim system (HSTS) from Safran Electronics & Defense helps stabilize the aircraft by maintaining its attitude, while minimizing aerodynamic forces. In turn, this reduces the pilot's workload and fuel consumption, to ensure a safe and efficient flight.

The HSTS comprises the horizontal stabilizer trim actuator (HSTA) and an electronic control unit. Throughout the flight, the HSTA adjusts the angle of the horizontal stabilizer to make sure the aircraft maintains the proper pitch. In line with changes in the aircraft's weight, lift and center of gravity, the flight control computer sends orders to the HSTA's electronic control unit.

Safran Electronics & Defense is the leader in this market, with its products on 18 different commercial, regional, business and military aircraft, logging over 70 million flight-hours to date.


Primary and secondary flight controls:

  • EMA Direct Drive (Electro-mechanical Actuator)

Backup flight controls:

  • HSTA (Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator)
  • BCM (Backup Control Module)

BSP (Backup Power Supply)

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