Flight controls

Safran Electronics & Defense designs and produces electromechanical equipment and flight control systems for the largest manufacturers of civil aircraft. They guarantee a very high degree of operational safety. Their effectiveness and reliability provide greater piloting comfort and contribute to flight safety.

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Flight control systems for improving performance

Flight Control Systems

Safran's flight control systems meet all your needs with regard to convenience, reliability and safety. From sensors to actuators, Safran's solutions stand out thanks to their effectiveness and are adapted to the new "more electric" architectures. These FCS (Flight Control Systems) and equipment are also manufactured in accordance with all ATA (Air Transport Association of America) requirements.

As a stakeholder in the project to make aircraft more electrical and design future electric wings or "e-wings", Safran is developing the EMA Direct Drive. This new type of actuator is intended to replace the hydraulically-activated flight controls with an electric system.


Primary and secondary flight controls:

  • EMA Direct Drive (Electro-mechanical Actuator)

Backup flight controls:

  • HSTA (Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator)
  • BCM (Backup Control Module)

BSP (Backup Power Supply)

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