Flight control commands

Facilitating the work of the pilot, improving flight safety and raising aircraft performance: your requirements are comprehensively met by the electromechanical equipment and flight control systems produced by Safran Electronics & Defense.

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Flight control systems for civil aircraft

Flight Control Systems

Civil aircraft manufacturers and airlines require custom FCS (Flight Control System) solutions that guarantee them a high level of safety and optimal reliability. Whether you need side-sticks, joysticks, or activation levers, Safran offers numerous solutions compatible with the new "more electrical" architectures. The aircraft of the world's main civil aviation programs are equipped with Safran's solutions. 


Flight deck controls:

  • Active SSU (Side Stick Unit)
  • TCA (Throttle Control Assembly)
  • FLAP SLAT (Flap levers)
  • PFTU (Pedal Feel and Trim Unit)
  • FDCS (Flight Deck Control Suite)
  • SPEEDBRAKES (Air brake levers)
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