Pilot controls

Make the pilot's job easier, improve flight safety, increase aircraft performance… The electromechanical equipment and pilot control systems made by Safran Electronics & Defense address aircraft manufacturers' operational requirements. 

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Keeping airplanes under perfect control

Equipements de visualisation de cockpits (Safran Electronics & Defense)

Aircraft manufacturers are looking for flight control systems (FCS) custom tailored to ensure maximum safety and reliability. Safran Electronics & Defense offers all pilot controls needed to fly an airplane, including active sidesticks, yokes, rudder pedals and throttles.

Featuring an ergonomic and intuitive design, these controls allow pilots to maximize aircraft performance, while also making sure it stays within the predefined flight envelope. This is ensured by functions such as precise force feedback, vibratory (shaker) warnings and control stick coupling.

Safran Electronics & Defense also invests heavily in efforts to develop innovative active technologies that give pilots instantaneous awareness of the aircraft's behavior, or autopilot actions, to ensure maximum flight safety.

Perfectly adapted to new "more electric" designs, solutions by Safran Electronics & Defense are employed on many of the world's leading civil aircraft.

Aircraft engine throttles

The throttle control assembly (TCA) or TCQ (Throttle Control Quadrant), operated by the pilot or autopilot, controls the thrust of each engine during the flight or on ground. It sends an electrical signal to the airplane's full authority digital engine control systems (FADEC) to reach the required thrust command for each flight phase. In turn, this reduces the pilot's workload and the airplane's fuel consumption.

The throttles developed by Safran Electronics & Defense, passive or active, are already used on 14 different aircraft types, including business and regional jets, commercial and military aircraft. 

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