Cockpit control systems

The reliability and ergonomic design of cockpit systems are a constant concern for commercial airplane manufacturers. With its broad range of equipment, Safran Electronics & Defense delivers high performance and enhanced flight safety.

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High-performance cockpit control systems for commercial airplanes


Extend the landing gear, activate the flaps or auto-braking system, trim control surfaces… Each aircraft system interaction requires equipment that combines performance and reliability to ensure flight safety, along with an ergonomic design to facilitate the pilot's work. From components to integrated control panels, cockpit control levers and even windshield wiper systems, Safran Electronics & Defense offers avionics and other cockpit solutions tailored to the specific needs of each aircraft manufacturer.

These systems are built from components developed in-house using Safran's unrivaled capabilities (R&D, mechanical, electrical, electronic and optical design, test engineering), coupled with the latest communications technologies (aircraft communication bus).

Cockpit systems from Safran Electronics & Defense combine very high reliability and performance, including excellent resistance to vibrations, and are fitted with lighting that adapts to all situations, from nighttime to blinding sunlight. They have been chosen by all leading mainline, regional and business aircraft manufacturers.

To further improve crew interfaces, Safran Electronics & Defense is working on digital cockpit concepts that offer a host of advantages, including reduced weight and volume, greater automation, lower power consumption, etc.

Complete windshield wiper systems

Safran Electronics & Defense is the world leader in complete windshield wiper systems, from engineering and development to production. Featuring different washing solutions, these windshield wiper systems ensure a clear view for the pilot under any weather conditions. The company's latest system is an innovative electronically-controlled model, offering higher reliability and maintainability, coupled with lower weight and cost. It has already been chosen by a number of customers from around the world.



For all of these systems, Safran controls the design, fabrication, and assembly of the control panels, lighting plates, and indicators, to meet the needs of each type of civil aircraft manufacturer. Its products and services are certified:

  • ISO 9001
  • AS 9100
  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)
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