External lighting solutions for airplanes

Whether in the air or on the ground, the external lighting on airplanes plays a major role in ensuring flight safety and the safety of ground crews. Safran Electronics & Defense offers a complete range of external lighting solutions, adapted to all types of airplanes. 

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Complete external lighting systems

Airbus A320

As a major player in the airplane external lighting market for over 40 years, Safran Electronics & Defense provides complete external lighting systems including all required functions and equipment: landing lights (used for takeoff, landing and taxiing), signal and anti-collision lights. These external lighting systems can also be used during inspections and maintenance, as well as emergency lighting.

Safran Electronics & Defense draws on more than 15 years of experience with LED technology to develop an all-LED product line, replacing halogen and incandescent bulbs. LEDs offer a number of advantages, including longer life (more than 20,000 hours), more consistent lighting, better shock resistance in case of debris on the runway, and reduced aircraft power consumption.

Takeoff, taxiing and turning spotlight

Safran Electronics & Defense has developed a 3-in-1 light used for takeoff, taxiing and turning. For instance, two lights of this type are fitted to the Airbus A330neo nose landing gear.               

These new lights feature high-power LED technology, an advantageous replacement to the four incandescent lights previously used on the A330. This innovative solution reduces weight by 40%, power consumption by 90% and maintenance costs by 60%. Furthermore, the lighting is improved!

While halogen bulbs have to be changed about every 25 hours, LEDs offer a long enough lifespan so that there are no mandatory periodic replacements throughout the airplane's service life.

In addition, the lens is made of polycarbonate with a protective coating, making it highly resistant to shocks and the outside environment in general, thus avoiding any danger of damage from debris on the ground.

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