Embedded optronics

Safran Electronics & Defense enhanced vision solutions allow airport approach in poor weather. They provide excellent vision and observation for safe landing and taxiing.

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Wide-angle sensors and the EVS system


Poor weather conditions with rain, snow and fog can compromise the punctuality and regularity of commercial flights. Safran Electronics & Defense's optronic equipment and systems improve pilots' vision, and make flights safer during the trickiest phases: approaches in bad weather and taxiing at night. Among this equipment, Safran offers wide-angle sensors that optimize peripheral vision and the enhanced vision system (EVS). This high-sensitivity infrared vision module offers aircraft pilots a high-quality video image of the runway and its surrounding environment when visual contact is impossible.


Safran Electronics & Defense optronics systems are characterized by:

  • high-quality optics
  • High-performance thermal imagers
  • very effective stabilization
  • advanced processing delivering extremely accurate images
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