Electrical Power distribution management

Electrification of avionic equipment and subsystems fulfills extremely tight requirements with regard to reliability and safety. Safran Electronics & Defense supplies electrical distribution management systems for both primary and secondary distribution that ensure an optimum electrical power supply for your civil aircraft.

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Optimum electrical power distribution management


At the heart of the aircraft's electrical system, the PEPDS (Primary Electrical Power Distribution System) enables you to concentrate the energy produced by all the power sources available on the aircraft. It thus guarantees the availability of the electricity supply for the entire network, the operation and protection of all the aircraft's systems. Safran Electronics & Defense also provides you with an SPDS (Secondary Power Distribution System) supplying power to equipment that can be switched on or off depending on the stage of the flight, such as interior and exterior lighting or the cabin air management system.


To manage the electrical power distribution, Safran Electronics & Defense collects the various sources of power available on aircraft:

  • main generators
  • auxiliary generator
  • back-up generation system
  • main battery
  • ground-based generators
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