CARNAC Flight Inspection Systems

Safran Electronics & Defense proudly offers the CARNAC range of Automatic Flight inspections Systems (FIS), a family of high performance and cost-effective FIS designed and built for the testing and verifying of NAVAIDS as well as the validation of all PBN procedures.

The CARNAC range of FIS can be found performing flight inspection in over 40 countries
Drawing on more than 30 years of expertise in FIS and avionics equipment, Safran has the expertise to propose a custom-designed solution to meet all the requirements for its customers thanks to the CARNAC family solutions.

The entire family of CARNAC FIS complies with all International Flight Inspection Standards.

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Focused on flexibility for better cost efficiency

CARNAC: Automatic Flight Inspections Systems

CARNAC family provides all requested  functionalities, from flight inspection of ILS, VOR, DME, MKR, NDB and radar systems to validation of PBN procedures. CARNAC is the only system that offers full inspection of RNP and RNAV navigation systems as well as guidance indications for calibration across the entire range.

CARNAC is unquestionably user-oriented for Flight Inspectors, with "Replay and Reprocessing" modes making it easy to analyze all captured flight inspection data, enabling the editing of flight inspection reports and fulfilling training requirements.

With the utilization of the CARNAC intuitive Man-Machine-Interface (MMI) a reduction of flight times has resulted, thus improving the cost effectiveness in delivering the optimum flight inspection service.

CARNAC is automated for enhanced integrity and comprehensive data analysis while at the same time the Flight Operator retains the full control of the FIS, including the selection of different data to be displayed on screen which enables more thorough and in-depth analysis.

Safran Electronics & Defense pays close attention to all customer feedback. As a result of new innovations requests from the operators of FIS, CARNAC is consistently improved and upgraded. Continuous contact with the flight inspection community through the use of hotline assistance, annual user meetings and maintenance support groups is a key feature in helping the customers to improve safety.

CARNAC is designed for and by flight inspection teams.


The CARNAC family meets all your requirements:
CARNAC 30: A complete FIS for all your needs
CARNAC L: The innovative alternative to large FIS
CARNAC MS: Ultra-light, portable FIS

CARNAC key features:

  • Designed for the integration into all types of airplanes and helicopters
  • State-of-the-art technology with continuous improvements
  • Full verification of PBN procedures and approaches
  • Operational flexibility for flight inspection users
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Custom-designed solution
  • User-Friendly MMI
  • Certified (see our Certificates and accreditation page)
  • Proven long-term assistance and support
  • Low system maintenance with minimal return of equipment
  • On-board or On-ground mission replay facility with training capabilities
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