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Designed to facilitate fleet management and analyze flight parameters, Safran Electronics & Defense's Cassiopée range currently comprises 5 service categories: safety and risk management, airline organization, flight operations, operational cost optimization, and airworthiness and maintenance support. Cassiopée provides you with constantly updated statistical reports and trends. Available online via a secure website (available 24/7), or on your premises via AGS ground stations, all the services are accessed using an intuitive interface that makes them easy to adopt. Cassiopée Flight Ops, services specifically dedicated to airline organization support, now enables you to deploy an SFCO2® fuel conservation program, a joint development with Safran Aircraft Engines. Safran analyzes flight data for around 15,000 flights each month.

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Cassiopée compliance service aims to support operators in maintaining their Quality Management System/Compliance Monitoring System by conducting internal audits of their operations. Our teams of auditors are able to conduct objective and independent audits to monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and with the operator's operational policy, standards and procedures. They will identify gaps and will assist in defining corrective actions/preventive actions.
If you choose to outsource certain activities (training, preparation of manuals, flight planning and performance calculation etc.), Cassiopée Compliance auditors may conduct third-party audits in order to monitor contractual and regulatory compliance of sub-contracted activities.

Digital Flight Report

Part of Cassiopée flight services suite, the Digital Flight Report (DFR) mobile application allows the pilot to automatically generate his flight reports thanks to the helicopter recorded avionics data. Combining simplicity, time savings and high reliability, the DFR guarantees a traceability and a secure transmission of the data, thanks to the pilot's biometric authentication.

Digital Flight Report
Flight Data Monitoring

Cassiopée Flight Data Monitoring offers a regulatory-compliant service of web-based flight data monitoring (FDM), enabling airlines to make use of their flight data.
Cassiopée FDM is powered by Safran's Analysis Ground Station (AGS) software, used by more than 160 airlines. It gives a comprehensive picture of your operations with statistics.
Trend reports allow issues to be identified. It supports safety and maintenance investigation with data, graphical analysis and 3D animations. It also increases risk awareness by improving crew feedback with occurrence reporting features

Flight Ops Consultancy & Engineering

Cassiopée Flight Operations Consultancy and Engineering provides operations with consultancy dealing with any aspect of operations. Typical subjects are assistance for obtaining and maintaining AOC and assistance for regulatory compliance. This includes preliminary gap analysis of the current situation vs. National Aviation Authorities requirements, assistance in closing gaps, impact on procedures and impact on documentation etc.
Cassiopée Flight Ops Engineering is also an outsourced flight operations engineering bureau, capable of dealing with any kind of operational studies required for airline operations.  

Flight Ops Publications

Cassiopée Flight Ops Publications is an out-sourced service dedicated to the initial preparation and revision of all operational documentation, including the preparation of Operations Manuals. This includes writing the content and any kind of document required by international or local regulations:

  • Operations Manual Part A (General/basic)
  • Operations Manual Part A Part B (Use of the aircraft)
  • Operations Manual Part A Part C (Routes/aerodromes)
  • Operations Manual Part A Part D (Training)
  • Quick Reference Handbooks
  • Minimum Equipment List
  • ETOPS Manual
  • Quality Manual
  • Safety Management Manual
  • Security Manual
  • Cabin Crew Manual
  • Ground Operations Manual
Safety Management System

Cassiopée Safety Management is a comprehensive solution for setting-up and maintaining your Safety Management System, as required by National Aviation Authorities and international regulations.  This solution includes both consultancy services and software tools, and is tailored to the operator's operations.

Cassiopée Safety Management services are focused on:

  • Providing support to operators in the implementation of their Safety Management System, including writing the Safety Management Manual;
  • Providing ongoing support to operators
  • Providing IT tools and modules (Air Safety Reporting, Flight Data Monitoring and management of CA/PA) to gather and follow-up safety data

Safran Electronics & Defense is introducing a comprehensive new service package, called SFCO2™, to reduce airline operating costs. Based on advanced flight data analysis, we issue recommendations to improve your flight operations, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and deliver significant savings. SFCO2™ is a joint program with fellow Safran company Safran Aircraft Engines, which is offering this service via its EngineLife service package. SFCO2 Service consists in identifying and advising fuel saving initiatives for the Aircraft within Customer's organization. 

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