Remote controlled telescopes

Catering to the demands of spectrography, high resolution imaging and exoplanet detection, the remote-controlled telescopes made by Safran Reosc, a subsidiary of Safran Electronics & Defense, are equipped with exceptional quality optics with highly rigid structures.

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Stable, precise, remote-controlled telescopes


Safran Electronics & Defense offers complete, customized, remote-controlled telescope solutions meeting the most stringent requirements. Whether splitting light through spectroscopy, increasing image resolution, or searching for exoplanets, they are equipped with optics that meet all your needs. Likewise, Safran's Serrurier truss structure ensures perfect optical stability, thereby avoiding any alignment degradation. Several types of domes with various degrees of isolation and thermal control are available, as well as on-site auxiliary resources, such as an evaporator for periodic recoating of the optics, and tools for handling and maintaining optics. The support we provide includes training your operators to carry out technical operations on-site.


From the start, Safran Electronics & Defense's high-performance remote-controlled telescopes are fully equipped:

  • classes: 1 - 3 meters
  • primary mirror aperture: F/1.7 to F1
  • very rigid "Locksmith" structure
  • active primary mirror control
  • automatic secondary mirror centering
  • synchronized protector dome and aircon system
  • met station
  • telescope control system with
  • basic astronomical functions, in manual & remote-control mode

Safran Electronics & Defense offers numerous solutions to suit all your needs:

  • focusing by moving the secondary mirror
  • multiple addressing of Nasmyth focusses and/or Nasmyth mirror retraction
  • retractable primary mirror protection
  • Cassegrain or Nasmyth focus de-rotator
  • etc.
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