High-performance optics for astronomy

Mirror quality is the biggest challenge when designing a telescope. Safran Reosc, a Safran Electronics & Defense subsidiary with unique expertise, offers very high performance optics adapted to the demands of astronomy: large monolithic mirrors, segmented mirrors for giant telescopes, lightweight mirrors, ultra-thin mirrors for adaptive optics, field correctors and filters, and cutting-edge thin films.

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Very high performance optics for telescopes


The performance of your telescopes and their instruments depends on the quality of their optics, guaranteed by  weight reduction, minimal mirror thickness, resistance to deformation, and precision polishing. Safran Reosc offers custom aspherical surfaces to enable you to create observation instruments adapted to your programs. Segmented technology is employed on giant telescopes with apertures exceeding 10 meters. These giant optics make it possible to observe the exoplanets around the stars closest to our solar system. In terms of active and adaptive optics, Safran Reosc offers ultra-thin 2 mm thick mirrors on 1- to 3-meter diameter models. To obtain the best image quality over a large field several degrees in diameter, Safran Reosc design and produces field correctors. These allow you to obtain a high quality image with a field that is several degrees in diameter. Lastly, Safran Reosc offers high performance filters and optical coatings on large format substrates to improve optical transmission and combine with large focal planes.


Safran Electronics & Defense has created numerous mirrors for the most important astronomical programs in the world.

  • Large segmented mirrors
    - 36 segments for the Gran Telescopio Canarias 11-m primary mirror
    - 931 segments for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)

      - 2 prototype segments for the Chinese LAMOST

    • Large monolithic mirrors:

        - 8-meter mirrors for the 4 Very Large Telescope (VLT) European telescopes (ESO)
        - 8-meter mirrors for the 2 American Gemini telescopes
        - 3.6-meter mirror for the ESO in Chili
        - 2-meter mirror for the Japanese Nishi Harima telescope
        - 1-meter mirror for the CERGA Lunar Laser telescope
        - 0.9-meter mirror for the French Themis solar telescope
        - And numerous optics between 50cm and 2m for observatories worldwide

      • Lightweight:

          - Lightweight primary mirror of 2.7-m Stratospheric Observatory For Ir Astronomy (SOFIA)
          - Lightweight beryllium secondary mirrors for the VLT and GTC, + ultra-lightweight glass-ceramic for Gemini

        • Ultra-thin mirrors:
          - meniscus for the adaptive mirrors of the Very Large Telescope Adaptive Optics facility (VLT M2-AO)
          - thin glass shell prototype for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) M4
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