From single components to entire systems, Safran Electronics & Defense develops high precision avionics, inertial, optical and electronics solutions for aeronautics, space, astronomy and defense. Safran gives you the full benefit of its operational experience, guaranteeing optimum levels of safety and reliability.

Safran Electronics & Defense offers a complete range of equipment and systems renowned for their performance and efficiency. From design to maintenance, by way of integration, support and training, Safran supports the operational needs of civil and military aviation, helicopters, drones, missiles, telescopes and satellites.

  • For civil and military aeronautics, Safran offers solutions that give pilots assistance, flexibility, safety and precision: flight controls, navigation, data, observation, propulsion, braking and landing.
  • For astronomy & space, Safran designs and creates high-precision optical systems to observe the Earth and space. These ground- or satellite-based systems contribute to the success of large international scientific programs.
  • For defense & security, systems for weapons, navigation, guidance and mission preparation. Solutions tested in theater, designed for combat aircraft and helicopters, drones and missiles, satisfying the new operational requirements of the armed forces.
  • Services for airlines and operators designed to improve flight safety, optimize fleet management and maintenance costs.

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